There are plenty of ways you can raise money to plant trees in your street or area;

Club together with your neighbours
Speak to your neighbours on your street or nearby and suggest that you each put money in to contribute towards buying your trees. Just 5 people giving £100 each will fund a street tree (and you will need less if you are planting in a park)

Organise a fundraising event
Hold a street party or organise a quiz night or coffee morning to raise funds for trees in your local area

Run the marathon or enter yourself for some other feat
and raise money via sponsorship

Approach local businesses in your area
Local businesses might be prepared to sponsor trees or contribute to your project in return for advertising and promotion.  Tree planting is an ideal way to off-set a carbon footprint

Look out for local funding schemes
For example, supermarkets like Tesco (via its Bags of Help scheme) and Waitrose (via its Community Matters scheme) contribute vital money to local projects.  Put your application in for funds to be given for your street tree planting

Apply for grant funding
You may be able to apply for public funding towards your tree planting. Look out for grants that support community spaces or improving the environment.  Organisations such as Grants Online or Funding Central are a good starting point for information and have online databases that can be searched to find available grants