Welcome to Plant Your Postcode

This page is where you’ll be able to find the latest news about the Plant Your Postcode project.

We’ll be launching soon, so check back to find out what’s happening.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Plant Your Postcode

  • Margaret Brisley
    4 months ago

    This is a fantastic initiative. Trees are much needed in central Brighton, but I wonder how many types of trees would survive this salty and windy climate. North Street and Western Road are very bleak at present. as are West Street and London Road.

    The only dissenters are likely to be the local Council who will complain about the cost of sweeping up in autumn to avoid claims of damages by people slipping on wet leaves.

  • Alison Welterveden
    4 months ago

    Thanks Margaret. We are very excited to be launching this project. You are quite right to note Brighton’s seaside climate. We will be looking at each proposed site to determine which trees would be appropriate for that site. We are working with Brighton & Hove City Council – so will have plenty of expert advice available to find appropriate tree species. And they are fully on board with sweeping up the leaves too!

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