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Thank you for supporting the City’s Trees!

Despite everything that Covid 19 and the weather has thrown at us we’ve managed to keep planning and planting in and around the City over the past 18 months.

The news items on this site describe just some of the projects we’ve been working on with local resident’s groups. Funds generously provided by the Rampion Community Fund and the National Lottery, now spent, have enabled us to achieve a great deal.

We know that greening up the city with healthy green spaces by planting trees benefits everyone, but escalating costs quoted for new planting is proving to be THE major barrier to community involvement in planting street trees. Over fifty groups and individuals have contacted us hoping to plant or replace trees in their streets. We are calling for reasonable costs that are possible for communities to raise to help the council get street trees planted. We are also working with the council to bid for more funding for city trees – we will keep you updated!

The City Council Arboriculture department now has three new members of staff, already super busy, but anxious to see trees planted who have been very supportive in helping to get projects off the ground. This is great news!

Urban street tree planting

The work we’ve been doing has, of necessity, been in green, uncontested areas in the city. Planting in the
urban area and the city centre itself remains problematic for a whole variety of reasons, although we’re happy to
report that Hove Civic Society and the residents group of Glebe Villas in Hove have seen their street surveyed
and there is space for around 18 street trees. Residents have spent three years fundraising and find the goalposts in terms of costs have moved. The call is for the council to revisit its new proposed costs so the street
can get as many trees planted as possible next season.

The Brighton & Hove Tree Strategy

This has been on the council website since 2019 but has still not been put out for public consultation. This
means residents have as yet had no say on the strategy which currently appears to leave the streets that are
hard landscaped alone and to plant, if possible, in wide pavements, soft verges and green spaces mainly
outside the city centre, which if it continues will create a green doughnut! The town centre and older, once heavily
planted areas denuded and our Victorian heritage of leafy streets gone.

We will be speaking up for the Urban Forest and street trees in the city centre particularly when the time comes
and hope you will all support us.

One new home, one tree planted

We are supporting Hove Civic Society’s initiative to require developer contributions for street tree planting,
and will be asking developers to pay for one newly planted tree for every new dwelling that is erected
through the new City Plan.

Planting trees in large numbers will help the Council achieve its carbon-neutral targets, reduce pollution and
help deal with heat island effects, provide shade, create ecological diversity, support wildlife and provide us with
the visual pleasure of greenery in the city increasing health and wellbeing.

We are all aware that trees make our streets far more pleasant to live in and more agreeable for walking and all
forms of active travel and this initiative, if acted on, will go a long way towards rejuvenating our urban forest for
everyone’s benefit.


We are in the process of submitting a bid with Trees for Cities called ‘Forgotten Places’ for money to plant
in areas of deprivation and low tree cover across Brighton and Hove through the government’s Urban Tree
Challenge Fund. Keep your fingers crossed!

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