Where can trees be planted?

  • Potentially, in streets, parks or green spaces within the City of Brighton & Hove or within urban areas of the coastal stretch of the wider Greater Brighton area. Contact us to check your street, park or green space is covered
  • Under the scheme, trees can be planted in streets into pavements or verges or in parks or other green spaces
  • Trees can replace those that are diseased, to add to existing groupings or entirely new sites can be found
  • All trees will be planted in line with current best practice set out in BS 8545:2014 Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape
  • Unfortunately, not every location will be suitable. For example, a pavement may be too narrow or with too much cabling or pipe work underground to allow for planting.  An assessment will be undertaken of proposed sites to determine suitability for planting.  The assessment will cover: soil condition/type; underground services; buildings and other infrastructure; existing trees and vegetation; and, street furniture.  Brighton & Hove City Council will be responsible for determining whether a site is suitable or not

What species can be planted?

  • Advice will be given as to appropriate species for the location
  • Brighton & Hove City Council encourage diversity in planted species.  The narrow range of City street trees, Elm, and the trees from the Rosaceae family, Cherry, Crab Apple, Mountain Ash etc. means that there is little resilience to pest and disease.  It is therefore important to plant more diverse species appropriate to the coastal and dry conditions
  • Planting within the City’s parks and open spaces will prioritise larger growing species trees to provide valuable shade and other environmental benefits

How much money do you need to raise?

  • It will depend on how many trees you are hoping to plant! We will be able to provide a cost per tree once the proposed planting site has been surveyed
  • The cost for planting a tree will depend on the site. For example, in a park or soft verge the cost is likely to be around £390 per tree. To plant in inner city areas where kerbs and hard surfaces have to be replaced will cost £445 per tree or more
  • The cost per tree covers the cost of the tree and the costs of the Brighton & Hove City Council and its contractors to plant the trees and provide information and support in relation to planting. The support provided by Plant Your Postcode is provided free of charge
  • We are fortunate to have received grant funding (including from the National Lottery and the Rampion Fund at the Sussex Community Foundation) which means we have a limited stock of free trees which we will provide to deserving sites. These will be provided in particular to areas which might find it hard to raise funding and in locations where there are currently few street trees.

We have raised the money. When will our trees be planted?

  • Tree planting takes time!
  • Trees need to be planted over winter (November to March) to have the best chance of survival. They should be ordered once funding is in place.  Dates for planting will be arranged by Brighton & Hove City Council and will depend on the availability of Council contractors to undertake the planting and in accordance with their planting schedule for the City

We have our trees planted, what next?

  • Don’t forget to look after your wonderful new trees. They will need regular watering, especially in the first few years after they have been planted and especially when it’s hot or when there is little rainfall
  • Newly planted trees (and older ones too) should be regularly inspected for safety and disease and treated as required
  • Information will be provided to you about how to care for your new trees.  All trees planted will be provided an aftercare package to ensure successful establishment and longevity.
  • Spread the word and encourage your neighbouring streets to join the Plant Your Postcode revolution

I love trees but don’t have the time to get involved in organising planting in my street. How can I help?

  • If you want to support us then please donate